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DDR5 Memory

Arch Computer LLC & Arch Memory are a Women-Owned Small Business and a Registered Small Business.

Double Data Rate 5 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DDR5 SDRAM) is a type of synchronous dynamic random-access memory. Compared to its predecessor DDR4 SDRAM, DDR5 is planned to reduce power consumption, while doubling bandwidth.

A new feature called Decision Feedback Equalization (DFE) enables IO speed scalability for higher bandwidth and performance improvement. DDR5 supports more bandwidth than its predecessor, DDR4, with 4.8 gigabits per second possible. DDR5 will have about the same latency as DDR4 and DDR3.

Compared to DDR4, DDR5 further reduces memory voltage to 1.1 V, thus reducing power consumption. DDR5 modules can incorporate on-board voltage regulators in order to reach higher speeds; but as this will increase cost, it is expected to be implemented only on server-grade and possibly high-end consumer modules. DDR5 supports a speed of 51.2 GB/s per module and 2 memory channels per module.

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